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Keep Your Pool Running, with a Lowering Water Level and a Temporary Suction Line

Every day that passes, pools across the Western Cape are losing on average 1 centimetre a day as a result of evaporation.

If you have not be able to afford to purchase a cover or install one of the many other water savings devices, such as recycled glass, a MC pre filtration system or Water guard liquid solar blanket,  then the reality is that you will be losing on average 30 to 40 cm a month through just evaporation.

This poses a serious challenge, as pools can no longer be topped up. At some point, the water level will drop below the minimum operating level in the weir, resulting in the pool having to be turned off. If the pool is not monitored or maintained regularly, the lowering water level can go un noticed, causing pumps to run without water, causing them to burn out.The resultant lack of circulation causes pools to green.

The continued evaporation will at some point also expose the pool lining to direct sunlight. The result of this is delamination/fibre glass peeling off the walls. Structural damage can also occur if the pressure on the outside of the pool exceeds the pressure on the inside, causing pools to crack and even pop straight out the ground.

So how do we keep your pool circulating, with the water level below the weir? The answer is simple, install a temporary above ground suction line.

In nutshell, this is a 50 MM PVC pipe that runs from the front of the pump to the pool, above ground. It is then extended down into the pool to allow for the lower water level.Once this is done, the pool cleaner can be plugged back in and it can be run as per normal.

DISCLAIMER: Pool Care Clinic will not be liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever nature, suffered by the client due to his/her failure to comply with the aforementioned instructions. We recommend you contact us to attend to this professionally.


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