Pool Care Clinic - Pool Services
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Routine Maintenance is carried out to pools on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


The service includes backwashing the FILTER, brushing the walls, vacuuming the pool, checking equipment, balancing the basic water chemistry on site and cleaning the electrode of a CHLORINATOR. The replacement of parts, as a result of fair wear and tear, are replaced during maintenance whilst clients are consulted and quoted on any item of substance requiring attention or replacement.


We undertake the cleaning of pools on an ad-hoc basis, devoid of the condition of the water.


Although it is recommended that you take our regular maintenance service to ensure that your pool stays perfectly clean and running at optimal health all year round, we can attend to pools on an ad-hoc basis when required to restore it to the correct condition.


Sand in all makes of FILTERS needs to be replaced at least every two years and is carried out on request or in order to resolve filter related problems.


Avoid filter problems by having our team attend your property on a regular basis to perform sand changes as appropriate. You will save a lot of money and hassle to keep this a regular maintenance activity.


Leaks in the pool structure as well as the suction and or return lines are investigated and quoted on for repair.


Our expert team has many years of experience in dealing with all types of leaks in small to large pools. We will conduct a number of tests to identify the location of the leak and then our team will provide you with a quotation for repair.


All pool related equipment can be examined on site and the problem diagnosed by our highly trained team.


Equipment removed for repair includes PUMPS, FILTERS, CHLORINATORS as well as pool heaters. Pool light globes are replaced on site and can be changed, in consultation with the client, with more efficient and effective LED GLOBES.


We will assist any clients in facilitating any aspect of their pool that requires attention.


We can assist with any aspect of your pool that requires attention and for which we cannot provide a direct service. The services include but are not limited to: New pools, relining of pools, solar heating, pool nets and pool covers.

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