Water and Pool Saving Tips For Water Restrictions | by Pool Care Clinic
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Water Saving & New Technology

As water restrictions continue, making things even tougher for pool owners.

Discussions and debates surrounding ways and means of harvesting rain water to use for our swimming pools as well as for other purposes have dominated social media and other platforms.

Pool Care Clinic is continuously looking for new innovative ways to ensure our clients are able to continue using their swimming pools. And most of all, ensuring that the maintenance and upkeep of the systems is easy and convenient.

We are therefore proud to announce that we have found yet another solution to this ever growing crisis and this is The Multi cyclone centrifugal pre filter system. We are the sole distributors of the system in the Western Cape.

This is how it works:

The filter is installed on the ground between the pump and your current sand filter in the case of our pool, we have installed it on top of the pump. See picture below

The water passes through the Multi cyclones encased centrifugal system. This then removes 80% of all the dirt before it reaches your sand filter. This dirt then falls into an encase chamber and is easily flushed out using the supplied ball valve.

The MC 12 and 16 Plus models, have a cartridge filter built into the system as well.

Allowing for yet another layer of pre filtration before the water reaches your sand filter.


  • Back wash 3 times a year, saving thousands of litres of water a month
  • Save on chemicals and salt
  • Improving pool water circulation
  • Enhancing the performance of the automatic pool cleaner
  • Allowing effective pool vacuuming without burdening the pool filter
  • Minimising filter maintenance

Smaller pools, no longer require traditional sand filter if a Multi cyclone pre filter is installed.

Don’t forget to head over to our website, at www.poolcareclinic.co.za for more water savings tips


DISCLAIMER: Pool Care Clinic will not be liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever nature, suffered by the client due to his/her failure to comply with the aforementioned instructions. We recommend you contact us to attend to this professionally.


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