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Leaks and How to Diagnose and Repair Them

Whilst we have been enjoying some rain this winter, and the dams are above 50%, the end of water restrictions pertaining to pool owners is not something that will be changed anytime soon.

A very common leak is, as we in the industry call a “suction leak”

The most common symptom, besides water loss, is a pool cleaner that works, and then just stops.

People will spend a lot of time and money, trying to get their pool cleaner to work, only to find out that it has nothing to do with the pool cleaner. And in that time, further damage to the pump and pool may have occurred.

Here Are Some of The Other Symptoms of A Suction Leak:

  • Water loss, not always significant or even noticeable
  • Pool cleaner will work then stop
  • The pool pump chamber will run half full
  • There will be air in the system, returning to the pool via the return line
  • This often goes un noticed, as many people have some form of leaf gobbler attached to the return.

It must also be noted, that the above symptoms are the same for a pool pump with a leaking mechanical seal. That can easily be diagnosed with the test below.

  • Measure the distance from the pump to the pool in a straight line
  • Purchase a piece of 50mm pvc pipe, and or contact a pool shop to assist you in doing this.
  • Disconnect the current suction line from the front of the pump
  • Connect the temporary pvc pipe to the front of the pump

Switch on the system, if the symptoms mentioned above disappear, you have a suction leak or if they do not, then the pump is the issue

So in 5 easy to do steps, you just found one of the most common leaks in a pool.

Stay tuned for the next installment on leaks and saving water blog.

DISCLAIMER: Pool Care Clinic will not be liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever nature, suffered by the client due to his/her failure to comply with the aforementioned instructions. We recommend you contact us to attend to this professionally.


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