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The Drought and Back Washing and Rinsing Your Pool

When the water restrictions where first announced, one of the first things pool owners did, besides putting on a cover, was to stop back washing and rinsing. Whilst this saves over 4000 litres of water a month, the dangers associated with not doing it are real and costly.

Some of the things that can and will happen are:

  • Inability to maintain water clarity as a result of poor filtration
  • Pressure builds up causing a blow back.
  • Pool cleaners stop working as a result of the blow back and dirty sand
  • Pumps running dry as a result of the blow back
  • People shorten the rinse part, this results in dirty water coming back to the pool.
  • Rinsing is more important than the actual back wash part, as it is what cleans the sand.
  • And worst of all, split filters from the massive increase in pressure as a result of the dirty sand
  • A blow back occurs when the pump switches off at the end of its cleaning cycle.
  • Because the sand is dirty and clogged, the water has nowhere to go as it cannot filter back through the clogged sand naturally, it will chose the path of least resistance which is back out the filter, through the pump and back into the pool via the weir.
  • This pushes the water out of the pump, pushes the poo cleaner out of the weir and in some cases can crack the vaccum lid in the weir.

In order to avoid the problems above, the following actions can be taken

  • Swop the old out dated sand for the new recycled glass option. This only requires back washing and rinsing every 4 to 6 weeks. The back washes are also shorter. And you have a eco friendly solution.
  • Install a Multi cyclonic pre filter which removes up to 90% of all the debris before they reach the filter, thereby reducing the need to back wash and rinse.
  • Purchase a back wash tank of NO less than 1000 litres. Because remember a pump pushes out 300 litres a minute.
  • Install a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. The dolphin collects and stores all the wind blow sand and leaves on board. This means no sand or leaves in the sand filter. Less back washing and rinsing again.

DISCLAIMER: Pool Care Clinic will not be liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever nature, suffered by the client due to his/her failure to comply with the aforementioned instructions. We recommend you contact us to attend to this professionally.


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